Building Pools in a Small Backyard

A blue swimming pool is being built in a backyard.

Ever looked at your cozy backyard and thought, “No way can a pool fit in here”? Well, think again! At Oasis Pools, we’re all about making big dreams come true in small spaces. Let’s chat about how even a compact backyard can become the home to a beautiful, custom-designed pool.

The Magic of Small Space Pool Design

Thinking Outside the Box (or Rectangle)

Who says pools have to be big and rectangular? Not us! We love getting creative with shapes and designs that fit snugly into smaller spaces. From sleek lap pools to charming plunge pools, there’s a whole world of options that can transform your limited outdoor area into a personal retreat.

Features That Maximize Space

It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got. Incorporating features like built-in benches, ledges, and swim jets can add functionality and style without needing a ton of room. And with the right lighting and landscaping, your small pool can feel just as luxurious as a sprawling one.

A swimming pool with a blue pool liner.
A swimming pool with a blue pool liner installed in Crown Point, IN.

Custom Solutions for Every Yard

Personalized Design Approach

At Oasis Pools, we believe your pool should reflect your style and fit your life perfectly, no matter the size of your yard. That’s why we start every project with a chat about what you love, what you need, and how you envision your ideal pool area. Then, we craft a design that brings that vision to life, tailored to the unique contours and character of your space.

Innovative Use of Space

You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with a bit of creativity. Whether it’s an underutilized corner, a narrow side yard, or a small patch of grass, we see potential. Our team specializes in designs that complement your home’s architecture and enhance your outdoor living, turning even the smallest spaces into a haven for relaxation and fun.

Ready to Dive into Your Small Backyard Pool Project?

Just because your outdoor space is on the petite side doesn’t mean your pool dreams are out of reach. With Oasis Pools, every square inch of your backyard is an opportunity to create something beautiful and enjoyable.

Curious about how we can transform your small backyard into a personal oasis? Let’s start the conversation! Reach out to us, and together, we’ll explore the possibilities that await in your very own backyard, no matter its size. Your perfect pool is just a design away!

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From Dream to Reality

Our Streamlined Approach

and Design

We visit your home to understand your vision, crafting a unique pool design tailored to your specific requests.

Constructing Your
Outdoor Space

Our skilled team meticulously constructs your pool, using premium manufacturers and materials to ensure durability and elegance in every build.

Final Walkthrough
and Satisfaction

We conduct a thorough final walkthrough, testing every element of the pool to ensure your new outdoor space exceeds your expectations.